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There is an annual November to November fee of £30, April to November is £20 and June to November £15. For members preferring to pay at each meeting the charge is £5 per meeting. To contact Felixstowe Scribblers simply email or the Secretary,

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

New winner

This evening's competition for The Jack Wilkinson Memorial Trophy was a really close run thing. Every story gained votes, but the one that came out top was School Sports Day written by Anne Thompson who specializes in children's stories. Congratulations Anne, it was a well deserved victory!

Anne receiving the trophy from previous winner Jim

Sadly our friend Dick was unable to attend having just had a worrying diagnosis. Hopefully he will be along in the not too distant future but he will be assured that we are all thinking of him.

Our next meeting is in three weeks time  on 5th September when we hold our 1,000 word  'Tales of Places' homework assignment.

Looking forward to that already!

Until next time,

Keep Scribbling.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

In Memory of Jack.

How time flies by. Already we are approaching Jack's memorial meeting. Our thoughts are with Caz and Karl at this time. 

For those who don't know about Jack, then you find some information on our weblog, and also the rules of the in house competition for those of us who attend. The competition is for stories of a maximum of 1,000 words for or about children. The meeting takes place on Tuesday 15th August here in The Room at the Top. It's a 7.30 start time so hopefully we'll all be there in good time.

 It was eleven years ago yesterday that Jack passed away so I am certain we will all have a special reason to honour his memory. 

Some of you may know that our Hon. President, Ruth has departed across the pond to the San Francisco area so we wish her well on her stay there. We all wish her and her family every best wish for her coming adventures Stateside and doubtless a Californian based thriller will follow! Good luck Ruth.

Until Tuesday,

Keep Scribbling!!!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Report of meeting

Minutes of Scribblers meeting held on Tuesday 1 August 2017

Present:  Liliane, Thalia, Beryl, Dave, Tony, Kay, Bridget, Tom, Anne, Cathy
Apologies:  Jim, Ross, Dick, Mairead, Steve

There was no business to discuss, so after a slightly late start we moved straight on to the reading of homework. Commendably, six of the group had actually braved the topic ‘virtual reality’ – though they all agreed that it hadn’t been the easiest writing experience!

Notes from Dave after the meeting:
I am glad to say I have managed to access our weblog after nearly a month of frustration. Hopefully it will behave itself now and I don’t have to tear any more hair out as I haven’t got a lot left!

I will be emailing the library about the disappearance of the bell from the rear door which has caused some concern about getting into the building for our meetings. Hopefully there can be a quick fix.

It was good to see Tom at the meeting for a short while. We send him good wishes and hope he makes it back on a more regular basis soon.

We also welcomed Liliane’s granddaughter Thalia for the first time. As the evening developed, it became clear that she has the same talent for vivid description as the other writers in her family!

Author Caroline Foster and one time member of the Scribblers has offered to come along and give a talk and possibly combine this with an author’s question time when she would be happy to answer our questions on all aspects of writing and being published. This is something I hope we can arrange in the not too distant future.

Readings of homework:

Beryl – The dome society

Liliane – Is this real?

Bridget – Girls

Thalia – Untitled

Kay – A brush with virtual reality

Dave – Befuddled musings of a nightmare

Tony – The Watari affair

The variety in the stories above was tremendous – so much thought had gone into interpreting the theme. Beryl deserves special mention for her tale ‘The dome society’ – it had us enthralled from the very first word, and we all felt that it would be a worthy competition entry – let’s hope she agrees with us!

Since there was plenty of time remaining after the readings, we indulged in a spot of flash fiction, using the theme ‘telephone kiosk’. What a trip down memory lane that inspired! It was clear that all of the group (except Thalia, who had to endure our ‘do you remember?’ moments!), had affectionate memories of red phone boxes for many reasons – and those memories made for some really good stories.

Next meeting: This will be on 15 August, when it is the Jack Wilkinson Memorial trophy night. Same competition rules as always – a piece of work up to 1000 words long – printed with nothing on it to identify the writer – placed face down on the table, ready for two group members to read out for the rest of the group to judge. Jim won this trophy last time – let’s see who can have it for the next few months! The story is to be either about or for children. Advance apologies for this meeting were given by Kay and Tony.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Last night...

A fairly good turnout for what appeared to be a difficult homework theme...'Virtual Reality'. As always, those who managed to overcome the despair of such a subject, came up trumps with some brilliant words. 

With time on our hands we held an impromptu flash fiction session - another success for an evening of great entertainment.

It was also nice to see a third member of the Sivaraj family with us - this time Lilian'es granddaughter who showed an amazing talent in descriptions of her stories.  

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 15th August 2017 when we hold the Jack Wilkinson Memorial Trophy. As you know this is on competition lines, the full details are published at the top of this weblog. Basically you can write up to 1,000 words on any story that is for, or about, children. Please ensure your work is typed and without any indication of your name. Your story will be read by an independent reader.  Other work that is not entered in the competition can be read after the interval - time permitting of course.

So, get scribbling!

Back on line at last!

After what seems like an age, I have finally overcome the problems relating to accessing our weblog. Shall we just call it a symptom of our times when the Internet has a damning hold on some things and just a simple click of the keyboard creates havoc. Fingers crossed that this won't happen again but in the grips of our wondrous technology who knows? Will have to employ a school student to keep us safe...

Minutes of Scribblers meeting held on Tuesday 18 July 2017

Present:  Liliane, Rani, Beryl, Mairead, Dick, Dave, Ross, Steve, Gerry, Tony, Cathy
Apologies:  Jim, Di, Kay, Bridget (by email after meeting)

All welcomed Rani on one of her rare visits!

Dave reported that the group’s weblog is currently down – hoping to resolve a.s.a.p

Anthology selling well

Ex Scribbler Caroline Foster has a book launch – Dave will be sending details out

Ex Scribblers Angela Petch and Ray Foster are each having books published by Endeavour Press

Thanks to Mairead for providing treats.

Readings of homework:
Not everyone had worked to their genre, but almost everyone had work to read out, and some excellent tales were heard and enjoyed.

Rani. Genre ‘adventure’. Title ‘Adventure and Horses’

Dick. Genre ‘war’. Title ‘Not much fun’

Ross. His short story ‘Arrival’

Dave. Genre ‘transport’. Title ‘Greta’s journey’

Steve. Genre ‘murder mystery’. Title ‘Mystery on the river Dart’

Tony. Genre ‘romance’. Title ‘Torrents of Desire’

Liliane. Genre ‘adventure’. Title ‘Down in the jungle’

Mairead. Genre ‘a country tale’. Title ‘The old house – a country tale’

Beryl. Genre ‘westerns’. Title ‘Stampede’

Cathy. Untitled short story

Next meeting: This will be on Tuesday 1 August, when the 1000 word homework theme is ‘Virtual Reality’. Both Steve and Dick gave apologies, as they will not be able to come along.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Report of meeting

Minutes of Scribblers meeting held on Tuesday 04 July 2017

Present:  Cathy, Dick, Beryl, Anne, Mairead, Di, Liliane, Gerry, Jim, Tony, Kay, Bridget and Dave. A warm welcome to Peter and Ross who attended for the first time.

Apologies:   Steve.


Where to begin?

To welcome both Peter and Ross to the Scribblers. Peter purchased a copy of anthology at the Book Festival and then contacted us to ask to attend the meeting. I believe he has self-published work in the past. Ross has just moved from Woodbridge to Felixstowe and discovered us via the Library. He wrote and produced a magazine whilst in the Caribbean. 

Wishing Steve a speedy recovery from his cycling accident.

Then the Felixstowe Book Festival. Most Scribblers attended at least one session or workshop and, overall, this year’s event seemed even better than earlier ones. The Furneaux Suite location on the Sunday was really great value for money with all sessions being either full or very well attended. The Orwell Writer’s League opened up with ‘Creating a word bank,’ which was hosted by our good friend Suzy Griffith followed up by the Microfiction Workshop which I facilitated. Both these sessions had just the right number of participants and we certainly received some excellent feedback. In our Hon. President Ruth Dugdall we had the perfect organiser and hostess of the day’s events.

Thanks to the kindness of Mairead a novel by Phil Rickman, ‘All of a Winter’s Night,’ was given as a prize in a draw for the writers in the Microfiction workshop. It was won by Ray Trzaska.

Our friend Morag a member for so long, attended on the Saturday whilst it was good to meet up with Jane who was attending to the Lighthouse stall. Ironically I had the offer of a free novel from Amazon by Jane Bailey and I thought she’d kept that one quiet! Checking the author details it turned out to be another Jane. Martin Ward attended the short story prize giving with his son who was short-listed as one of the top entrants. Both Martin and Jane hope to resume with Scribblers in the not too distant future.    

Next, our Anthology ‘Words.’ – Thanks to Cathy for collecting and organising both the Orwell Writer’s Leagues and our own anthologies at the Festival. Thanks also to Stillwater Books who kindly accepted them on the bookstall and will also sell them in their shop.  We still have to establish how many copies were sold over the two days but just seeing our anthologies intermingled with novels by some very famous authors and participants was quite pleasing. Cathy brought 30 along to our meeting tonight to cover a large order of 20 whilst another eight were sold individually. Currently our remaining stock is 35 plus however many Will has at Stillwater.

If you would like a copy of ‘Words’ then please email me at Reasonably priced at a fiver, we would need to add postage and packaging to any postal orders. Details on request.

Thanks as ever to Mairead for her treats, to Liliane for collecting the key and to Kay for setting up the air conditioning again.

Now for the homework, ‘The third house along …” With so many people in attendance it was always going to be difficult fitting everyone in despite both Cathy and Gerry leaving early but we made it!

The stories were:
Di:               Three houses along.
Beryl:           The house.
Peter:           Three doors along.
Jim:              The man with no nose.
Kay:             Third house along.
Dick:             Felixstowe and the Royal Marines.
Tony:            A walk in the green forest.
Bridget:         Mothers and daughters.
Mairead:        The castle walls.
Ross:             The hurricane.
Dave:            On the run.
Anne:            The third house along.
Liliane:          Don’t displease your personal saint.

Next meeting: This will be on Tuesday 18 July, when Kay will read out an extract from her work for feedback and then the rest of us, having drawn out a specific genre to write about, are asked to provide a story in 750-1,000 words.

The meeting will start promptly at 7.30pm.

Until then,

Keep Scribbling!!!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

4th July meeting...

Fifteen of us happy souls arrived this evening - the largest gathering for some time. It was nice to see two new faces at the meeting - Peter and Ross. 

Briefly the Book Festival was mentioned and certainly the day in the Furneaux Suite at the Orwell Hotel was well worth the outlay. Our own workshop, under the title microfiction, was a great success with many participants making an effort to thank us for organising the event. They felt it had been a valuable exercise. 

Our anthology has been printed and was on sale at the festival. Copies will soon be available at Stillwater Books - and also we should have our stock at the next meeting. Suffice to say we have sold quite a number so far.

The meeting was quite a packed one with thirteen stories being read out from comedy, to fantasy and murder. Our two new members both provided excellent stories in what was a really entertaining meeting.

Next time Kay will read an extract from her work for feedback and then the rest of us will write a genre story - everyone present having drawn out their genre. 750 - 1,000 words are requested. The meeting is on 18 July and will start promptly at 7.30