Formed over forty years ago, our Writers Circle is based in Felixstowe, Suffolk. Meetings are held in The Room at the Top in Felixstowe Library, normally on the first and third Tuesday of each month commencing at 7.30pm and finishing by 10.00pm. Check this weblog for details of meetings.

There is an annual November to November fee of £30, April to November is £20 and June to November £15. For members preferring to pay at each meeting the charge is £5 per meeting. To contact Felixstowe Scribblers simply email or the Secretary,

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Good Intentions.

Tonight's meeting was quite a lively affair once again proving what great quality writers we have. Some of the stories may have been a little on the black side... but we loved them all!

It was an interesting evening with feedback and lively discussions that added to the enjoyment.

Steve has now released his book, 'Harry's son goes diving.' Printed by Gipping Press it is on sale at Stillwater Books at £9.99. 

Mairead, just back from her Irish trip proudly showed us an excellent and expensive book 'The Investigators of Arkham Horror - tales of adventure and madness.' It features a number of stories by her niece.

Our next meeting, the final one of the year takes place in two weeks time on 19 December when we are asked to write between 350 and 500 words on 'Bicycle' before our Christmas party begins.

Until then,

Keep Scribbling! 

AGM Minutes.

Minutes of Scribblers AGM, held on 21 November 2017
Present:  Liliane, Beryl, Dave, Bridget, Tony, Steve, Gerry, Dick, Kay, Di, Anne, Cathy
Apologies:  Mairead
Dave told us that the brother of Scribbler Jane Bailey has recently died; the group sends condolences to Jane.
Beryl had received a Christmas card from Caz, and read out for us the warm message Caz had sent to the group. Perhaps at some point in the future, Caz’s busy life will allow her to return occasionally!
Belinda, and ex-Scribbler, has been in touch with Caz – nice to know she still thinks of us.
AGM proper
It was good to have such an excellent turn out for the meeting.
Secretary’s report: Cathy gave a brief report, looking  back at a year which has, overall, been a good one for the group, and thanking Dave for always being the perfect ‘public face’ of Scribblers.
Treasurer’s report: Beryl’s report showed that the group remains solvent – we thank her for her work in keeping the books and providing us with her annual report.
Chairman’s report: Dave as ever gave a comprehensive report on the year – its ups and downs, successes and aspirations. A copy of this is included with these minutes as an attachment.
Weblog: Dave reported that there have been 25,000 hits since November last year – a number which increases year on year.
Cheque signatory: Cathy to replace Caz as signatory now that Caz is no longer able to attend meetings.
Election of committee members: since all committee members present were willing to stand again, the group voted unanimously to maintain the status quo, and to confirm with Mairead at a later date whether or not she is prepared to remain on the committee.
Increasing our membership: Should we advertise for new members? Consensus was that we will wait for six months, then decide whether or not to do so. During the discussion, several ideas were put forward for publicising the group, including
  • Using the library’s £5 per week display space to show programme/work/anthology etc
  • Giving regular short readings in the library of our work/anthology stories, to develop public interest in what we do – perhaps get Felixstowe TV to be involved with filming it?
  • Enquiring with local magazines like Spotlight, Flyer and Living in Felixstowe to see if they’d run an article about the group, maybe having a regular story spot for us
Structure of meetings: all present were happy to maintain current meeting structure. Agreed that at the final meeting of the year we will discard the current ‘theme’ selection, and each bring in two new themes to be used in 2018.
Programme of meetings: Dave had provided a provisional programme – all agreed it.
  • Felixstowe Book Festival (FBF). We can do another microfiction session if required by the organiser
  • Anthology – not this year
  • Any other events that the group might become involved with – if anybody has any ideas, please speak up
  • Press release to EADT and Evening Star re anthology evoked no response at all
Social events: only the annual meal that we have in January. Agreed that we will try The Alex this time – Dave to ask Mairead if she would be happy to organise this
Any other business: None
Meeting closed at 9.10pm.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The AGM minutes

These will follow in a few days time.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


A nice turn out for the AGM with plenty of discussion concerning the future of our beloved Felixstowe Scribblers. 

The committee remain the same as before subject to confirmation from Mairead who is currently in Ireland. 

There is no doubt of the enthusiasm shown for the present meeting format and the way homework themes are chosen. It is very much a case of status quo with one or two issues to be reviewed in six months time.

The meeting ended on positive vibes leaving us all to look to a healthy future.

Both Tony and Steve are very close to publication of their books, Steve choosing Gipping Press and being very impressed with their professional and friendly help.

Our next meeting is on 5th December when the 1,000 word homework theme is "GOOD INTENTIONS".

Keep Scribbling!!!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Our Next Meeting - The AGM.

I know its late coming, but here is a reminder about our forthcoming meeting on Tuesday next, 21st November, start time 7.30pm.

It is our Annual General Meeting so I hope you will be able to attend. It is your chance to discuss how you think we can improve our group and make it attractive to some slightly younger members to help breathe fresh life into the Scribblers. If you would like to see changes then please let us know. Any thoughts or suggestions will be very welcome.

Remember Felixstowe Scribblers is your group and your ideas do help.

An agenda is printed below.

Please send thoughts to our friend Jane who suddenly lost her brother to cancer very recently. I am sure you will all wish to send our deepest sympathies.



1    Secretary's Report.

2    Treasurer’s Report.

3    Chairman’s Report.

4    Weblog Report.

5    Ratification of existing committee and or election of new officers and signatories.

6          6   Membership, attendances and the cost of room hire.

7   Structure of Meetings.

8                  8      Planning for the future.
9   Publicity to boost attendances.

1          10  Social Events.

11  Any Other Business.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Meeting Report

Minutes of Scribblers’ meeting Tuesday 7 November 2017

Present: Tony, Bridget, Mairead, Anne, Liliane, Beryl, Dave.

Apologies: Di, Dick, Steve, Cathy.


We send get well wishes to both Cathy and Steve who are under the weather at present.

The withdrawal of Jim from the Scribblers is very disappointing but we understand his reasons especially with the long drive to and from Felixstowe. He is not lost to writing for he will continue with the Orwell Writers who hold afternoon meetings thus avoiding night driving. Our best wishes to Jim.

There are still a few anthologies available at Stillwater Books still at £5 each. We await their payment for previous sales and also one further payment to round things off in time for the forthcoming AGM. Sadly the press releases failed to create any interest from either the Star or Radio Suffolk.

Normally a well attended meeting, our Ghost/Halloween themed evening was a little down on numbers. Having said that sometimes less can provide time for more in depth feedback and discussion. That said, as usual there were enough scary bits to keep everyone chewing on their finger nails... helped along by Mairead’s spooky display.

The Stories:

Tony: Food.
Anne: Happenings in Lime Kiln Quay Street.
Liliane: Remembering the Dead.
Beryl: The Listeners (With apologies to Walter de la Mere).
Dave: A Foggy Night in Newcastle.

This was followed by a number of personal experiences of the ghostly variety and other tales of the unknown...

Altogether a good evening.

Our next meeting will be our AGM. This takes place on Tuesday 21st November in the Room at the Top. It is hoped to provide an agenda in advance of the meeting so any thoughts you may have on meeting structure, programme of meetings, membership levels and attendances could mean a lively meeting.

I am reminded by our treasurer that annual fees will be due at the AGM. The fees are used to cover the cost of hire of our accommodation at the Library.

Until the AGM,

Keep Scribbling!!!


Remembering them